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Ecco patent 'Bella' leather up lace Black shoes 66wrqvUH Ecco patent 'Bella' leather up lace Black shoes 66wrqvUH Ecco patent 'Bella' leather up lace Black shoes 66wrqvUH Ecco patent 'Bella' leather up lace Black shoes 66wrqvUH Ecco patent 'Bella' leather up lace Black shoes 66wrqvUH

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Product description

Item No. 0680101878

These 'Bella' shoes from ECCO will make a smart addition to your footwear collection. Perfect for office styling, they come in a patent leather finish and feature topstitch detailing and secure lace fastenings.

  • Lace fastening
  • Upper: Leather
  • Lining: Leather, textile
  • Sole: Man made materials

Ecco patent 'Bella' leather up lace Black shoes 66wrqvUH

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up shoes Black leather patent lace 'Bella' Ecco The GameAll About / Black up patent shoes Ecco leather lace 'Bella' The protagonist

A Turn-based Tactical RPG

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The Protagonist

The Protagonist is a sci-fi RPG with branching narrative and turn-based combat. Set in an alternate world not too different from our own, The Protagonist shines a spotlight on a Special Agent of the Terran military force, code named: ANGEL.

Her mission goes awry when she wakes in an infirmary on an alien ship she’s been tasked with infiltrating. With no memory of how she arrived in her current circumstance, ANGEL must fight her way through an unknown alien species, regain her lost memories, and complete a mission that will bring an end to the impending war.

A Unique Martial
Arts Combat system

The M.A.C.S. or Martial Arts lace 'Bella' up leather shoes patent Ecco Black Combat System, allows you to customize your character's close-combat abilities like never before. You will be able to tailor, experiment with, and perfect your martial-combat style using this system, then share your discovered combos with the online player community.

Dialogue system

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This game features a D.D.S. or a Dynamic Dialogue System; the choices you make during the course of the game will have consequences. The reactions and responses you receive from other in-game characters may drastically change based on your previous choices throughout the course of play. Pay attention to the way you navigate conversations or you might be in for a surprise!

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Iadidas Sneakers adidas Sneakers Sneakers adidas adidas adidas Sneakers Sneakers Eqxdgnitiative and Action
patent leather Black up Ecco 'Bella' shoes lace points System

As with any Tactical RPG, the combat system is one of the core pillars of our game. The Protagonist uses a special Initiative and Action Points System (I.A.P.S.) to give you full control over the actions you want your character to take on their turn. Create your own strategy to defeat enemies.

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