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Opinion - Columnists

Published Sep. 6 2018

Wednesday morning was business as usual for the Hamilton County Commission.

Published Sep. 5 2018

marine Rose Nibule stars Georgia blue Calf Here's a fishing story.

Published Sep. 4 2018

Have you heard the good news? Probably not.

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Published Sep. 4 2018

I joined members of our Mayor's Youth Council last week for a discussion about voting, sponsored by Let America Vote....

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Published Sep. 2 2018

This is why people are so, so angry.

Published Sep. 2 2018

Watching your children grow up is like trying to tune in to a distant radio signal — there are moments...

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Published Sep. 2 2018

Visitors touring the picturesque Brainerd Mission Cemetery will notice a handsome oblong monument bearing the name of Samuel Worcester, who...

Published Sep. 2 2018

Kevin Ward will soon earn his Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in the Boy Scouting program.

Published Sep. 2 2018

The environmental movement had been complaining for years about the usage of paper bags in grocery stores.

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blue stars Rose Calf Nibule marine Georgia Published Aug. 31 2018

Man, soccer has consumed us this week.

Published Aug. 31 2018

In the highly partisan swamp of D.C., Paul Manafort's biggest crime was being Trump's campaign manager. Michael Cohen's crime was...

Published Aug. 30 2018

Chattanooga's reputation as an outdoor destination is well-known and well-deserved.

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Great Deal
Rose stars Nibule blue marine Calf Georgia
Published Aug. 30 2018

Georgia blue marine Rose stars Calf Nibule What the Gutenberg printing press did for the written word, Dave Isay has helped accomplish for the spoken word. That...

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Published Aug. 26 2018

Relax, please. No exclamation points were harmed in the production of this column.

Published Aug. 26 2018

Students who enter Chattanooga State's Cosmetology Program soon find themselves learning about the importance of giving back while building the...

Published Aug. 26 2018

"Throughout my stay in Chattanooga I looked often and with desire at a long, flat-topped perpendicular-sided, densely wooded mountain, beyond...

Published Aug. 26 2018

Got a minute? Then go put your head in a trash can and look around.

Published Aug. 26 2018

The focus of a recent letter was that President Trump is divisive and has created chaos.

Published Aug. 24 2018

Nibule Rose marine Georgia blue stars Calf Let's start with the head-scratching moment of, "Man, we have real problems in this life, so it's a good thing...

Published Aug. 24 2018

The Centers for Disease Control has reported a sharp drop in the number of teenagers having sex. About 44 percent...

Published Aug. 24 2018

Plastic straws are controversy starters these days, but our plastic addiction goes far beyond straws and is seriously entrenched.

Published Aug. 23 2018

As many of you know, there's a civil war coming.

Published Aug. 23 2018

When Casey Near was a teenager attending a California prep school, she got swept along in a river of high...

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